Mobile App for Shopping Cart, India

Mobile App for Shopping Cart

Mobile apps offer a business to communicate and personally engage with their shoppers. Most important thing for any business is to remind the shoppers that they exist. This reminder can lead the shopper towards purchasing of any product. Mobile app allows business to send push notifications to their shoppers regarding any discounts, coupons, sales, latest trends etc. By all these methods any business sale will increase.

With BuyYourKart you can get the native shopping apps for your business and individuals.


• Cross Platform:
Get the mobile app for both IOS and Android, giving more options to shoppers for shopping.

• Mobile Sorting and Search:
If any shopper wishes to shop for a particular product from mobile, then they can use the vast search option (which includes the sorting as well) to search for their desired product and get it added directly to the cart.

• Social Sharing:
: Enable the shoppers to use this powerful option by which they can share the products in their social circle. Due to this feature social visibility is increased and more & more shoppers will get attracted towards your store.

Allows shoppers an additional option to shortlist the products that they like among the list of all products. And they can review that product directly when they will come next time.

• No coding required:
No technical expertise is required to set up your store, all we need is a store name and some basic details and we will generate the app for you quickly.

• Multiple Currencies:
Build an e – commerce app that supports multiple currencies. Benefits of using multi currency feature are that it provides the conversion rate and increase your business and your shoppers can pay in the currency they prefer.

• Multilingual:
Multi language support is available in this and so your app can be developed in multiple languages which help your business to connect with the shoppers who belong from different language backgrounds.